Husky Thanksgiving!

Every year I eat too much, feel bloated, and later shamed at my holiday overindulgences so I decided to train dogs inexpensively to raise funds for Arizona Siberian husky rescue and adoption(A.S.H.R.A.). I do it on the first saturday following Thanksgiving. This year’s event will take place just north of the V.A. hospital and south of the dog park. It is by reservation only so to book a spot please call-602-955-1615 (bad dogs). I’m only one trainer so don’t wait until the last minute because I work with each dog and owner individually and a half hour session costs $30.00. If you are a veteran like myself I’ll do it for $25.00. I guarantee I’ll teach you and your dog heel, sit, stay, and come in the allotted time. I’ll work with any breed, young or old but you need a booked appointment. I’ll also answer any questions about behavioral problems during the session as well and offer suggestions to alleviate these behaviors. Half the funds collected go to A.S.H.R.A., the rest go to me and my chiropractor. I work for cash only and last year I was busier than a pair of jumper cables at a Puerto Rican wedding so call 602-955-1615 and book a spot because I plan on carbo-loading on Thanksgiving so I can work through the day raising funds for my favorite rescue. I will start as early as anyone wants (within reason) and I’ll work until I run out of booked appointments. I love Thanksgiving. I love Huskies. And now I no longer need to feel shame about overeating so please join me it’s a lot of fun.

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